Best Surfing Spots In The British Isles

Great Britain is great for many reasons, but, perhaps, not so well known as a Mecca for surf spots. Cornwall, on the southern coast of England, provides consistent waves at places like Sennen Cove and Watergate Bay. There are cafes, surf schools, and pubs all in easy reach of the surf beaches. Devon, another southern coastline spot, has Bantham/ Bigbury offering swells for surfers. A good vibe is present at the break, with that South Devon mellow mood permeating the atmosphere. A surf school, called Discovery, operates here for the uninitiated. These are just some of the best surfing spots in the British Isles.

Surfing Locales in the UK

Scotland and Wales, both provide the crème de la crème, when it comes to surfing in the UK. Thurso East in the land of the damp kilt, has, according to those in the know, one of the best wave experiences in the whole of Europe. This right-hand reef break, when churning out a north-west swell, will have you tripling your sporran overhead in pure joy. A busy spot with some attitude. Pembrokeshire in Wales presents Freshwater West for some large and powerful surf waves. A big beach, with plenty of room for all comers. Watch out for the army’s rifle range to the south and avoid being blown away.

Crowded Action-Packed Surf Scene

Surf all day and hustle all night in Bournemouth, England. If crowded, action packed, surf scenes are your cup of tea, then Bournemouth is the go. Heaps of pubs and B&Bs in the area for shore time activity after hours. North Wales, alternatively, serves up Hell’s Mouth at Gwynedd, where you will find the best-known break in the region. This 4-mile-long bay offers good swells and impressive waves beneath cliffs at the south-east extremity. Camping and caravan park accommodation available.

Scotland in the Midst of a Surfing Renaissance

Those unfamiliar with the breaks, like Aussie surfers, can become disabled (usually through the consumption of excessive alcohol on shore), but it pays to be vigilant, when surfing a new break. Other areas to consider are Llangennith Beach on the Gower Peninsula, Wales and Liscannor Bay in County Clare, Ireland. The big Atlantic Ocean waves draw good surfers from far and wide. Pease Bay in Scotland is a popular surf spot, complete with challenging reef break for the better surfer. Some say, Scotland is undergoing a surfing renaissance (not sure if the Celts were ever keen surfers, but it sounds good JTS), with surf schools popping up left, right and centre.