The Best Surfing Spots in Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the most isolated land masses on the planet. It is large, being roughly half of the entire Australian island continent. The western side of Western Australia is all ocean, the Indian Ocean. The turquoise blue expanse of water is immense and it crashes onto the crystal white shores of the W.A. coastline. With all this water and with all these waves; and with Tim Winton hailing from these shores there must be a plethora of great surfing spots in W.A. The Dutch seaman Dirk Hartog was one of the first Europeans to witness the West Australian coastline and the power of its surf.

Starting at the better-known southern end of the West Australian coastline, many of you will be familiar with the great names Margaret River and Yallingup. Here there are prodigious and well-known surfing spots that hold regular international competitions. The breaks are known as big wave surfing locations, which reliably deliver on their reputation. Further south Denmark offers another picturesque surfing spot for surfers of all abilities. Even further south, Esperance is home to less well-known beaches, but which have plenty of bite. Try West Beach, Fourth Beach or Observatory Beach where you will find some great waves.

The Best Surfing Spots in Western Australia

Further north, is Ningaloo, a massive reef break reaching nearly 20 km seaward and covering an area around 5000 km² of ocean. Apart from the great surf, you can swim with the giant whale sharks and Ningaloo reef puts you in contact with some 500 species of fish, turtles and manta rays. In winter and spring the humpback whales journey on their annual migration. It is a trip worth making beyond the great waves you will encounter there.

Perth’s metropolitan beaches are some of the most beautiful urban beaches you will ever encounter. The waves at Scarborough Beach, Trigg Point and most other local beaches will not disappoint. Big beaches, clean water, great breaks and not too many people make for great surfing experiences. Perth is a playground for surfers.

Kalbarri is another norther coastal spot worth checking out. When you pull up at these places you will be blown away by the pure water, the complete isolation of the place, and the stunning scenery all around you. This is you and nature and your surfboard.

Don’t forget to get over to Rottnest Island, which you access by ferry from Fremantle. There are pristine surfing spots dotted over this island; where everyone gets around on pushbikes. There is a bus service for surfers who prefer to save their strength for the Indian ocean.