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New Job, First Paycheck: Buy A Suit for The Office

When you finally get that first job, and you have completed your first week and have actually been paid; it is time to get some threads that tell everyone who you really are. One of the strongest statements of intent you can make when starting a new job is to buy yourself a suit for the office. But which men’s fashion brands are the best? Perhaps, you are emerging from a Target, Kmart, Walmart miasma and now you are ready for some pizazz. You might be thinking something Italian and it is not pizza or pasta, how about Dolce & Gabbana?

You are feeling a deep connection with the Sicilian underworld and you want someone close to you to swim with the fishes. So you are thinking strong dark colours with bold but understated patterns; Tony Soprano on a good night. You slip on your first pair of Tod’s leather luxury footwear and you know whose grave you wish to walk over on your way to the top. You slip on your Brioni floral printed tux for the meet and greet with the boss at his place. On arrival you notice his nineteen-year-old daughter eying you off and give her one of your killer smiles.

New Job, First Paycheck: Buy A Suit for The Office

You are young and free and are not going to start off slowly with anything; be it work or pleasure. Your boss takes you down to his cellar to check out his wine collection; you run your fingers over your new Anderson’s belt and imagine taking him down by strangulation. You point the toe of your Italian leather shoe in the loose soil and think shallow grave, new direction. Fashion speaks to the soul and the sole of this $500 pair of designer shoes deserves better treatment. If you have no credit history how will you ever be able to borrow the money to purchase another pair of shoes this expensive, if you trash the first pair?

As you strut the staffroom carpet on the Monday following the get-together at your bosses’ place, your gaze falls on Amanda his attractive PA. You notice her casual inspection of your designer slacks and Amani tie; what a difference a week makes in a young employee’s life. The blood runs thick in your veins and silk and leather caress your outsides. Style and fashion matter most in working situations. The office is a stamping ground for libidos and ambitions. Clothing dresses the man in statements of intent and only the cool and good-looking can decode these expensive communications.




Executive Style: Fashion Tips for The Corporate Male

Fashion is probably more important at the executive work level than anywhere else. It is the visual statement that you are making to the world around you. It is sending a message to your boss, your colleagues and your clients. You want to make sure that you are sending a stylish and powerful message to all of those important people. No man or woman is an island after all.

Starting with the basics, wear clothes that fit properly and which did not belong to any recently deceased relatives. Wear clothing that is industry appropriate to what you are doing. Don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel on your first day. It is okay to look the part and to blend in within a certain overall look. Just make sure that it is quality all the way, with no short cuts and cheap shots messing with your holistic fashion statement.

Executive Style: Fashion Tips for The Corporate Male

If you want to get rich, dress as if you are already rich, with an emphasis on strong colours rather than light wishy washy colours. Be bold but not totally bananas in your choice of colours and contrasts. Don’t douse yourself in cologne or strong perfumes; it is a sign of social inferiority. Don’t turn up at work with wet hair or looking like something the cat dragged in; it suggests a lack of preparedness. Dress as you would wish to be seen; in the altogether and not in the emperor’s new clothes.

Pay attention to what every woman knows, the state of your shoes. Expensive stylish shoes make more of an important understatement than just about any other fashion accessory. If you carry a bag make it a neat and tidy one. If you wear a watch, let it speak for you in matters of style and wealth. The corporate male must understand that every move he makes and every item of clothing he takes to work says something about him.

Sydney corporates are some of the most stylishly dressed working men in Australia; and so they should be, this is the premier city. This is where the money is made in this country and so the big swinging dicks should look the part. Whether it be banking, advertising, the media, mining or whatever, executives here ought to be cutting a fine figure. Silk, leather, pure wool in winter and designer bespoke wear all signify power and wealth. Be the man of the twenty first century; be the truly stylish Australian male.


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