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The Benefits of Custom-Made Furniture

Purchasing new furniture for your house, office or establishment should be an exciting and fun episode of your life. Sad to say, sometimes it turns into a taxing and frustrating experience due to various causes.

Have you ever laid your eyes on a furniture design, but the type of material or wood that was used does not suit your taste? Is your space a bit peculiar and needs a piece that is fashioned according to its interior? Are you looking for new furniture that will complement your current set of furniture, but is not available in commercially-produced furniture shops? If you answer “Yes!” to any of these, then you ought to purchase custom-made furniture.

Why Go for Custom Furniture?

Australian custom-made furniture sets and designs are fashioned and created to satisfy all of the demands of your space, may it be for your office, bedroom or kitchen. In crafting your design, you might need to go through all the possible patterns and lay-outs before choosing the perfect match for you and your space. That’s why it is also important that you find the right people who will guide and assist you during the entire process.

Here are some reasons why custom-made furniture suits you best:

  • Quality Furniture

Makers of custom-made furniture have been developing and sharpening their skills for a very long time. You will be assured that the finished product is of the best quality and will be handed over to you in perfect condition.

  • Customisable

Since you will work hand in hand with the carpenters in every step of the way, you can make a few tweaks or big changes on your furniture design. More so, a custom-made furniture is assembled to harmonise with the other ornaments in your home and office.

  • High Selling Value

When the time comes that you think you’re too worn out with your furniture, you can sell it at a very good price because of its distinctness and peculiarity (in a good way).

  • Environment-Friendly

Usually, the materials used in custom-made furniture are from repurposed planks and timbers. These come cheap since they have been previously used, treated and cut for other functions. This lets you select from an array of wood types.

  • Spare Some Spaces

Customised furniture can free up some spaces. If your home or office space is not that big, you can ask for a furniture that will fit perfectly in the room.

  • Adds Style and Sophistication

Luxury furniture such as those custom-made and handcrafted will set you and your space apart. It adds style and sophistication that will make your neighbours, friends or other people go “Wow!” and envy you at the same time. Custom-made furniture is an exemplification of the best things in life you should be enjoying.

Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Shelf Space

I am sure that you have heard of the ancient saying, ‘As Above, So Below’, supposedly from Hermes Trismegistus the purported author of the Hermetic Corpus. What it quite simply means is that there is a uniformity to existence, or at least to our perception of it. On this basis, our homes and the rooms inside them are furnished similarly to what is inside of our minds. We recreate and fill spaces according to the way we have organised the interiors of our thinking realm. Where you physically store things in your office and home has correlations with how your order your thoughts and memories. There are books written about these kinds of parallel relationships that you can check out if you would like to explore it in more depth.

The relevance for it in this particular article is to do with marketing strategies: the psychology of shelf space. We as human beings order and arrange items based on how our critical thinking has been trained to process information. We remain herd animals, to some extent, in the way we educate our young. Our schools are all pretty similar, right around the world. We all think in very similar ways and expect certain things to be in certain places. When marketers discover the right arrangement they facilitate the selling of more beans or T-shirts or surfboards to the general public.

Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Shelf Space

There is the physical shelf space, which you find in your local surf shop or supermarket. Then, there is the virtual shelf space in the digital sphere, which is rapidly gaining the upper hand in the marketing of products to consumers around the globe. Check out for examples of this. Even, television and radio have shelf spaces in a far more narrow sense; they present endless advertising that interrupts your favourite program or show. There is a distinct lack of logic in mainstream advertising, in terms of product relationship to content; which is why most people hate advertising.

Marketing strategies: the psychology of shelf space can deliver far better results for both sellers and buyers. In a real surf shop, the product is arranged beautifully and comprehensively; your mind is best served if you can comprehend the way products are arranged for view. You will be more likely to purchase a product if it is arrayed in an understandable format. Marketing of all types needs to conform to the way that we process information as human beings. The psychology behind marketing is merely an attempt to understand how humans think.