Surfers Paradise, famous for its paradise of surf and sand, stretches 50kms along a spectacular coastline united with the Pacific Ocean so why not be married there?

Typically a beach wedding is easier to plan, easier on the finances and is a memorable and elegant way to begin a life of fun and love with the one you cherish.

What makes a beautiful beach wedding?

Not having the ceremony in shark infested waters for a start; but setting a date anytime between May and November may bring a backdrop of majestic breaching whales. Parading their pod on the humpback highway brings a unique feeling of nature’s grand approval for your union. Saying your heartfelt vows with your feet in the sand, a skyward sun setting, surrounded by family and friends with the possibility of impressive ocean-going spontaneous guests having their presence known, is a notion of the ideal day that’s hard to resist.

There is no fee to be married at Surfers Paradise, but permission must be sought from the Council of City of Gold Coast. To ensure minimal environmental impact, and to maintain the freedom of use by beachgoers, your ceremony is limited to 50 people, including the celebrant and any musicians, artists or staff you may decide upon.

There is one limitation to your Surfers Paradise beach wedding ceremony: the 700m stretch from Hanlan Street to Cavill Avenue isn’t available, but there’s still 1.3km of fine golden sand and rolling surf to choose your perfect spot.

Your beach wedding permit application is available online, and can be submitted via email, post, or in person at a designated service centre. It requests information (aside from the details of the bride and groom!) regarding any intended equipment; specifically an aisle runner, shade cover or tepees, Bali flags and signing table. Chairs are a maximum of 10.

A ceremony location map is also required, and applicants are advised to check the council website to ensure no events coincide with your intended date and site.

It is suggested that a minimum of 14 days be allowed for approval, and last minute applications are often not accepted.

What’s next?

Making sure you and your beloved don’t go all out for your Big Day and spend too much time at the beach! Sunburn can look bad in Instagram photos, it’s bad for your future health, and who can enjoy their honeymoon with red, painful skin that can’t bear to be touched?

Be beautiful; stay sensible. Your wedding is for one stunning day – damaged skin is for a lifetime.

What to wear?

Certainly it can be hot, sometimes windy, and sand makes wearing shoes almost impossible.

For the well-groomed groom wanting to make his mark by avoiding the light shades of cream and off-white, a bright blue suit and white shirt, with-or-without a floral tie is a vibrant option that stands out from the sand. Barefoot is hot, sandals are cool, and espadrilles are a chic companion for an unstructured linen two-piece.

For the beauty-filled beach bride, the sky’s the limit.

Ultimately, in the same way that there is someone for everyone, there is a wedding dress for all situations. Light, airy, effortless. Silk, chiffon or lace. Boho or vintage, traditional white, bold colour or pastel, it’s all about you and who you are.

Not a barefoot bride? Wedges, sandals, flats, mules or slides will have you the sophisticated vision on your day of lifetime dreaming.