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Best Surfing Spots In The British Isles

Great Britain is great for many reasons, but, perhaps, not so well known as a Mecca for surf spots. Cornwall, on the southern coast of England, provides consistent waves at places like Sennen Cove and Watergate Bay. There are cafes, surf schools, and pubs all in easy reach of the surf beaches. Devon, another southern coastline spot, has Bantham/ Bigbury offering swells for surfers. A good vibe is present at the break, with that South Devon mellow mood permeating the atmosphere. A surf school, called Discovery, operates here for the uninitiated. These are just some of the best surfing spots in the British Isles.

Surfing Locales in the UK

Scotland and Wales, both provide the crème de la crème, when it comes to surfing in the UK. Thurso East in the land of the damp kilt, has, according to those in the know, one of the best wave experiences in the whole of Europe. This right-hand reef break, when churning out a north-west swell, will have you tripling your sporran overhead in pure joy. A busy spot with some attitude. Pembrokeshire in Wales presents Freshwater West for some large and powerful surf waves. A big beach, with plenty of room for all comers. Watch out for the army’s rifle range to the south and avoid being blown away.

Crowded Action-Packed Surf Scene

Surf all day and hustle all night in Bournemouth, England. If crowded, action packed, surf scenes are your cup of tea, then Bournemouth is the go. Heaps of pubs and B&Bs in the area for shore time activity after hours. North Wales, alternatively, serves up Hell’s Mouth at Gwynedd, where you will find the best-known break in the region. This 4-mile-long bay offers good swells and impressive waves beneath cliffs at the south-east extremity. Camping and caravan park accommodation available.

Scotland in the Midst of a Surfing Renaissance

Those unfamiliar with the breaks, like Aussie surfers, can become disabled (usually through the consumption of excessive alcohol on shore), but it pays to be vigilant, when surfing a new break. Other areas to consider are Llangennith Beach on the Gower Peninsula, Wales and Liscannor Bay in County Clare, Ireland. The big Atlantic Ocean waves draw good surfers from far and wide. Pease Bay in Scotland is a popular surf spot, complete with challenging reef break for the better surfer. Some say, Scotland is undergoing a surfing renaissance (not sure if the Celts were ever keen surfers, but it sounds good JTS), with surf schools popping up left, right and centre.


The Benefits of Custom-Made Furniture

Purchasing new furniture for your house, office or establishment should be an exciting and fun episode of your life. Sad to say, sometimes it turns into a taxing and frustrating experience due to various causes.

Have you ever laid your eyes on a furniture design, but the type of material or wood that was used does not suit your taste? Is your space a bit peculiar and needs a piece that is fashioned according to its interior? Are you looking for new furniture that will complement your current set of furniture, but is not available in commercially-produced furniture shops? If you answer “Yes!” to any of these, then you ought to purchase custom-made furniture.

Why Go for Custom Furniture?

Australian custom-made furniture sets and designs are fashioned and created to satisfy all of the demands of your space, may it be for your office, bedroom or kitchen. In crafting your design, you might need to go through all the possible patterns and lay-outs before choosing the perfect match for you and your space. That’s why it is also important that you find the right people who will guide and assist you during the entire process.

Here are some reasons why custom-made furniture suits you best:

  • Quality Furniture

Makers of custom-made furniture have been developing and sharpening their skills for a very long time. You will be assured that the finished product is of the best quality and will be handed over to you in perfect condition.

  • Customisable

Since you will work hand in hand with the carpenters in every step of the way, you can make a few tweaks or big changes on your furniture design. More so, a custom-made furniture is assembled to harmonise with the other ornaments in your home and office.

  • High Selling Value

When the time comes that you think you’re too worn out with your furniture, you can sell it at a very good price because of its distinctness and peculiarity (in a good way).

  • Environment-Friendly

Usually, the materials used in custom-made furniture are from repurposed planks and timbers. These come cheap since they have been previously used, treated and cut for other functions. This lets you select from an array of wood types.

  • Spare Some Spaces

Customised furniture can free up some spaces. If your home or office space is not that big, you can ask for a furniture that will fit perfectly in the room.

  • Adds Style and Sophistication

Luxury furniture such as those custom-made and handcrafted will set you and your space apart. It adds style and sophistication that will make your neighbours, friends or other people go “Wow!” and envy you at the same time. Custom-made furniture is an exemplification of the best things in life you should be enjoying.

Gifts and Toys for Disabled Children

What kind of gifts and toys should you buy for disabled children? Most of us would immediately bob up and say the same as for any kid. But would you buy a football for a kiddie in a wheel chair? Would you buy a video game for a visually impaired child? These are obvious examples but there are many other far subtler situations which may challenge both gift buyer and receiver. In terms of dolls, should disabled kids receive dolls who share the same disability as they do? Children who are ethnically African and/or Asian, generally, receive dolls that share their racial profile these days. The days of the blue eyed, blonde Jesus are thankfully slipping from view.

What do you think about giving a kiddie in a wheelchair a doll or stuffed toy who is equally bound in a wheelchair? It has been shown to be important that children see reflections of themselves in the toys that they have, and that if a child cannot perceive herself, or himself, in the things within their orbit it is distressing and psychologically damaging. In many instances, how a child feels about its own disability is defined initially by how its parents portray that. If a parent is ashamed about their child’s disability, the child will follow that lead. Gifts and toys for disabled children could be clues in the home to reveal unhelpful attitudes like this.

Gifts and Toys for Disabled Children

Children with disability will, I am sure, have a wide and unique taste in all sorts of toys to play with. There has been no definitive long term study done into this topic up until this point. It could be something well worth exploring for an institution or for graduate studies; but it would need to be done over a solid chunk of time. Kids with sensory processing disorder would be a special case to consider, as they experience a wide variety of sensory processing difficulties. There would be so much valuable information to be sourced from a research project like this.

As a society we have pretty much ignored the psychological aspect to disabilities in general. Modern medicine has always focused on healing the physical body and not treating the mind. Surgeons cut open, cut out, and repair or replace things in, and on, the human body; pharmaceuticals change the chemical make-up and balance within a body; and the psychologists who do work with behaviour and motivation are treated as second class health professionals by governments and the medical establishment, more generally. Perhaps, understanding how a disabled child feels about his, or her, favourite toys, may shed some valuable insight into how that child would like to be considered within his own greater community. Gifts and toys for disabled children are probably a lot more important than we all realise.


Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Shelf Space

I am sure that you have heard of the ancient saying, ‘As Above, So Below’, supposedly from Hermes Trismegistus the purported author of the Hermetic Corpus. What it quite simply means is that there is a uniformity to existence, or at least to our perception of it. On this basis, our homes and the rooms inside them are furnished similarly to what is inside of our minds. We recreate and fill spaces according to the way we have organised the interiors of our thinking realm. Where you physically store things in your office and home has correlations with how your order your thoughts and memories. There are books written about these kinds of parallel relationships that you can check out if you would like to explore it in more depth.

The relevance for it in this particular article is to do with marketing strategies: the psychology of shelf space. We as human beings order and arrange items based on how our critical thinking has been trained to process information. We remain herd animals, to some extent, in the way we educate our young. Our schools are all pretty similar, right around the world. We all think in very similar ways and expect certain things to be in certain places. When marketers discover the right arrangement they facilitate the selling of more beans or T-shirts or surfboards to the general public.

Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Shelf Space

There is the physical shelf space, which you find in your local surf shop or supermarket. Then, there is the virtual shelf space in the digital sphere, which is rapidly gaining the upper hand in the marketing of products to consumers around the globe. Check out for examples of this. Even, television and radio have shelf spaces in a far more narrow sense; they present endless advertising that interrupts your favourite program or show. There is a distinct lack of logic in mainstream advertising, in terms of product relationship to content; which is why most people hate advertising.

Marketing strategies: the psychology of shelf space can deliver far better results for both sellers and buyers. In a real surf shop, the product is arranged beautifully and comprehensively; your mind is best served if you can comprehend the way products are arranged for view. You will be more likely to purchase a product if it is arrayed in an understandable format. Marketing of all types needs to conform to the way that we process information as human beings. The psychology behind marketing is merely an attempt to understand how humans think.


The Best Surfing Spots in Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the most isolated land masses on the planet. It is large, being roughly half of the entire Australian island continent. The western side of Western Australia is all ocean, the Indian Ocean. The turquoise blue expanse of water is immense and it crashes onto the crystal white shores of the W.A. coastline. With all this water and with all these waves; and with Tim Winton hailing from these shores there must be a plethora of great surfing spots in W.A. The Dutch seaman Dirk Hartog was one of the first Europeans to witness the West Australian coastline and the power of its surf.

Starting at the better-known southern end of the West Australian coastline, many of you will be familiar with the great names Margaret River and Yallingup. Here there are prodigious and well-known surfing spots that hold regular international competitions. The breaks are known as big wave surfing locations, which reliably deliver on their reputation. Further south Denmark offers another picturesque surfing spot for surfers of all abilities. Even further south, Esperance is home to less well-known beaches, but which have plenty of bite. Try West Beach, Fourth Beach or Observatory Beach where you will find some great waves.

The Best Surfing Spots in Western Australia

Further north, is Ningaloo, a massive reef break reaching nearly 20 km seaward and covering an area around 5000 km² of ocean. Apart from the great surf, you can swim with the giant whale sharks and Ningaloo reef puts you in contact with some 500 species of fish, turtles and manta rays. In winter and spring the humpback whales journey on their annual migration. It is a trip worth making beyond the great waves you will encounter there.

Perth’s metropolitan beaches are some of the most beautiful urban beaches you will ever encounter. The waves at Scarborough Beach, Trigg Point and most other local beaches will not disappoint. Big beaches, clean water, great breaks and not too many people make for great surfing experiences. Perth is a playground for surfers.

Kalbarri is another norther coastal spot worth checking out. When you pull up at these places you will be blown away by the pure water, the complete isolation of the place, and the stunning scenery all around you. This is you and nature and your surfboard.

Don’t forget to get over to Rottnest Island, which you access by ferry from Fremantle. There are pristine surfing spots dotted over this island; where everyone gets around on pushbikes. There is a bus service for surfers who prefer to save their strength for the Indian ocean.



Kids Fashion Online: Ten Cool Children’s Clothing Websites

  1. Childs Play Clothing

Customers will be able to find popular designer brands for children upon their visit at Childs Play Clothing. Brands ranging from Fendi, Gucci, Young Versace and many more are showcased over their website.

  1. Carters

Carters give their customers the options to buy children’s clothing individually or by set. They offer great value with their cardigan set, short-sleeve bodysuits, shirt & pant set and many more.

  1. Very

Very offers a variety of discounts on selected kid’s items. This in turn allows online shoppers to save a considerable amount of resources when looking for such items.

  1. Next

This store makes it relatively easy for their customers to find what they need with regards to children’s clothing. They have clothes for baby girls & unisex from 0 – 2 years old, younger girls 3mths – 6 yrs, older girls 3yrs – 16 yrs and as well as with their male counterparts.

  1. H & M

Kids will be able to outfit themselves with a variety of clothing apparel at H & M. They store showcases shop by feature with categories such as sweet pastels, summer arrivals, forever summer and many more.

  1. La Redoute

Online shoppers are given plenty of options with La Redoute’s online digital storefront. Kid’s clothes can be categorized and sorted by size, brand and colours which allow for easy lookup.

  1. Pumpkin Patch

Shopping for kids fashion is made easy at Pumpkin Patch. Right from the get go customers will be able to find what they need with just a few clicks of a button from babies, girls as well as boys.

  1. Osh Kosh

A huge variety of great deals can be found at Osh Kosh. The store has setup clearance sale for babies, toddlers, girls and boys. The option to have them sorted out is a very much welcomed feature.

  1. Gymboree

Gymboree provides a huge incentive in shopping over their store. Customers can avail Gymboree Rewards card membership program which is free of charge. For every 250 points earned, customer’s will be able to receive a $5 reward certificate which can be used for their next purchase.

  1. Crazy 8

Find tees, dresses, button-ups, shorts offered with great deals and prices at Crazy 8. Customers can also take advantage of up to 70% markdowns when they take 30% off. This along with the added gift service that they provide makes it for surprising children.

The summer season is fast approaching and you may have already planned your summer checklist that is to be done with your children. During summer, children change clothes on a frequent basis in a span of a day. As such, it is important for parents to provide their kids with the right amount of clothing for them to be able to enjoy all of their activities. The ten cool clothing websites listed above is a great way to find suitable clothes that is able to match the needs and preference of each and every one of you children.

Be sure to come prepared for the summer by heading over to one of the stores listed above. Buying them in advance can also be a good idea as this helps avoid the likelihood of your running out of clothes to purchase.

New Job, First Paycheck: Buy A Suit for The Office

When you finally get that first job, and you have completed your first week and have actually been paid; it is time to get some threads that tell everyone who you really are. One of the strongest statements of intent you can make when starting a new job is to buy yourself a suit for the office. But which men’s fashion brands are the best? Perhaps, you are emerging from a Target, Kmart, Walmart miasma and now you are ready for some pizazz. You might be thinking something Italian and it is not pizza or pasta, how about Dolce & Gabbana?

You are feeling a deep connection with the Sicilian underworld and you want someone close to you to swim with the fishes. So you are thinking strong dark colours with bold but understated patterns; Tony Soprano on a good night. You slip on your first pair of Tod’s leather luxury footwear and you know whose grave you wish to walk over on your way to the top. You slip on your Brioni floral printed tux for the meet and greet with the boss at his place. On arrival you notice his nineteen-year-old daughter eying you off and give her one of your killer smiles.

New Job, First Paycheck: Buy A Suit for The Office

You are young and free and are not going to start off slowly with anything; be it work or pleasure. Your boss takes you down to his cellar to check out his wine collection; you run your fingers over your new Anderson’s belt and imagine taking him down by strangulation. You point the toe of your Italian leather shoe in the loose soil and think shallow grave, new direction. Fashion speaks to the soul and the sole of this $500 pair of designer shoes deserves better treatment. If you have no credit history how will you ever be able to borrow the money to purchase another pair of shoes this expensive, if you trash the first pair?

As you strut the staffroom carpet on the Monday following the get-together at your bosses’ place, your gaze falls on Amanda his attractive PA. You notice her casual inspection of your designer slacks and Amani tie; what a difference a week makes in a young employee’s life. The blood runs thick in your veins and silk and leather caress your outsides. Style and fashion matter most in working situations. The office is a stamping ground for libidos and ambitions. Clothing dresses the man in statements of intent and only the cool and good-looking can decode these expensive communications.




Executive Style: Fashion Tips for The Corporate Male

Fashion is probably more important at the executive work level than anywhere else. It is the visual statement that you are making to the world around you. It is sending a message to your boss, your colleagues and your clients. You want to make sure that you are sending a stylish and powerful message to all of those important people. No man or woman is an island after all.

Starting with the basics, wear clothes that fit properly and which did not belong to any recently deceased relatives. Wear clothing that is industry appropriate to what you are doing. Don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel on your first day. It is okay to look the part and to blend in within a certain overall look. Just make sure that it is quality all the way, with no short cuts and cheap shots messing with your holistic fashion statement.

Executive Style: Fashion Tips for The Corporate Male

If you want to get rich, dress as if you are already rich, with an emphasis on strong colours rather than light wishy washy colours. Be bold but not totally bananas in your choice of colours and contrasts. Don’t douse yourself in cologne or strong perfumes; it is a sign of social inferiority. Don’t turn up at work with wet hair or looking like something the cat dragged in; it suggests a lack of preparedness. Dress as you would wish to be seen; in the altogether and not in the emperor’s new clothes.

Pay attention to what every woman knows, the state of your shoes. Expensive stylish shoes make more of an important understatement than just about any other fashion accessory. If you carry a bag make it a neat and tidy one. If you wear a watch, let it speak for you in matters of style and wealth. The corporate male must understand that every move he makes and every item of clothing he takes to work says something about him.

Sydney corporates are some of the most stylishly dressed working men in Australia; and so they should be, this is the premier city. This is where the money is made in this country and so the big swinging dicks should look the part. Whether it be banking, advertising, the media, mining or whatever, executives here ought to be cutting a fine figure. Silk, leather, pure wool in winter and designer bespoke wear all signify power and wealth. Be the man of the twenty first century; be the truly stylish Australian male.


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